How to create hyperlinks anywhere you want in a PDF

March 11th, 2010

How to create hyperlinks anywhere you want in a PDF


PDFs are highly used documents these days. Back in the day, people used to send out all types of stuff as Word documents (like resumes, essays, flyers, etc.), but realized that anyone can manipulate their content. With PDF, your content stays aligned, and untouchable. Another great reason for PDF popularity is that a PDF can be created from all sorts of files, including Photoshop files. But one thing people may not know is that you can make text, images… (and pretty much ANYTHING you want) …clickable within a PDF. This demo will teach you how to create hyperlinks in a PDF.

Here is a sample PDF I whipped up for our demo (I promise it’s not meant to be promotional!):


  1. Save the PDF above to your desktop (right click the link and select “save links as”) and open it in Adobe Acrobat.

    Open PDF

  2. First let’s create a link for the text “”…

    Click on the “Snapshot Tool” in the top toolbar. Using your cursor, draw a rectangle around the “” text. You will see a dotted line appear where you drew your rectangle.


  3. Right-click on the area within the dotted lines and select “Create Link”.

    PDF Create Link

  4. An options window will popup.

    PDF Link Options Window

  5. In the window, Under “Link Appearance” select the following options:

    Link Type: Invisible Rectangle
    Highlight Style: None

    Under “Link Action” select the following option:
    “Open a web page”

    Your window should look like this:

    PDF Link Select Options

  6. Once you hit “OK”, another small window will pop up, asking you to provide a URL for your link.

    PDF Edit URL

  7. In this “Edit URL” window, type in your URL. In our case, we’ll enter “”.

    PDF Type in your link

  8. Once you hit “OK” you will see a red border around your link. Click anywhere else on the page and this border will disappear.

    PDF red border around link

  9. Now that you know how to create a hyperlink in your PDF, you can repeat the process for the three airline logos on our sample PDF. Here is the complete version, after I created hyperlinks for those three logos:


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